Operational Wings

No Wing Functions
1 Research and development Bringing Innovations through Research, Studies, Evaluation,
Analysis etc. and development of Project proposals on different themes
2 Human Resource Dev. Wing Building capacities of the in-house functionaries and others
through trainings, skill development and undertaking all assignments related to trainings

3 Technical Support Wing Implementation of all projects/programmes and undertaking technical
and professional consultancies for various client agencies
4 Entrepreneurship Dev. Wing Promotion of Small Scale Enterprises in the Rural /Urban areas,
support in legal/mandatory aspects, production, Services, Linkages, Marketing and Finance
5 Administrative Wing All HR related and other intra-organizational issues
Organization structure
Governing Boby
Sr.No Name Age Occupation Qualification Since when associated With
Education Experience

Sh. Pankaj Jaswal Vice Chairman 38 Tech. Export MA , PGDWD 11 years 2004
Sh. Parvesh kumar Vice Chairman 38 Social Activist BA 07 years 2010
Dr. Yash Paul Sharma Director 37 Development Professional MA, MSW, Ph.D 13
years 2004
Sh. Rajender Singh Treasurer 25 Tech. Export BA, MBA 03years 2011
Sh. Dinesh Sharma Ex. Member 31 Technologist MA Sociol,

5 years 2004
Smt. Shanti Devi Ex. Member 50 Horticulturist BA 10years 2004
Sh. Balbir Singh Chauhan Ex. Member 37 Tech. Export MA , B.Ed 11 years
Penal of Experts

Technical Advisory Board

Core working Groups
Sr.No Name Age Occupation Qualification Since when associated
With Organisation

Education Experience (Years)
Er. Dev Raj Chauhan Watershed Engineer 27 Tech. Export B. Tech. 1 years 2013
Sh. Dinesh Sharma PO ( Proj) 30 Tech. Export MA B.Ed 4 years 2009
Dr. Pawan Kumar PO ( NRM) 29 Tech. Export MSc.Hort

5 years 2011
Sh. Virender Kumar Principal (MBS) 30 Educationist MA Pol Sci. B.Ed 3years 2004
Smt. Narender pal Kaur Coordinator ( Livelihood) 45 Tech. Export MA, DHM 9 years
Smt. Neelam saini Coordinator
( Paonta)

44 S W B.Sc

8years 2005
Sh. Jagdish Tomar Coordinator
( Sangrah)

37 S W BA 9 years 2008
Sh. Heera Singh Coordinator
( Rajgrah)

48 S W Shasrti 6 years 2009
Sh. Shammi Sharma Coordinator

36 S W BA 8 years 2009
Ms. Seema Coordinator

41 S W BA 9 years 2009
Mrs. Shayama Devi Trainer (VTP) 48 Tech. Export 10+2 6 years 2008
Ms.. Baby Trainer (VTP) 34 Tech. Export BA D C&T 4 years 2010
Ms. Anjana Trainer (VTP) 30 Tech. Export BA Dip. B&C 3years 2009
Ms. Rajni Trainer (VTP) 31 Tech. Export MA Dip. A&C 4 years 2010
Mrs. Jasbinder kaur Trainer (VTP) 30 Tech. Export 10+2 Dip. A&C 2 years 2010
Mrs. Baljeet kaur Trainer (VTP) 35 Tech. Export 10+2 Dip. A&C 2 years 2010
Mrs. Nidhi Gupta Teacher 38 Educationist MA 2years 2010
Ms. Manish Teacher 33 Educationist MA 2 years 2010
Ms. Reena Kumari Teacher 37 Educationist BA Dip. DM 2 years 2010
Ms. Sonika Sharma Teacher 26 Educationist BA BED 2 years 2010
Mr.Kalian Singh PET 25 Educationist BA Dip. PE 2 years 2010

Mrs. Ritu Sharma Teacher (Nursery) 32 Educationist 10+2 Dip. NTT 2 years 2010
Dr. Ramesh Verma Livestock Exprt 50 Livestock Exprt MA 21 years 2010
24 Dr. Pawan Sharma Horticutral Exprt 35 Horti. Export BSc (Agri) MSc
(Horti) & MBA 5 years 2012